Vinfelagid (The Wine Company) was established in February 2014 with the main purpose of importing wine, beer and other alcohol related products. 

The company is owned and run by Mr. Eggert Isdal who has been working in the wine business for dozens of years but during that time he has worked with some of the best winmakers and main breweries in the world.

Vinfelagid is focused on importing and selling quality wines which will improve the wine selection in the Icelandic market. Besides importing wine, Vinfelagid also imports beer from producers around the world as well as the famous wine glasses from Zalto in Austria.

The main customers of Vinfelagid are ATVR (State Monopoly shops), Duty Free in Keflavik airport and some of the best restaurants in Iceland.

The goal of Vinfelagid is to be one of the main companies in import and sale of quality wines and related products in the Icelandic market.